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October 28 , 2015 / in / By Admin

We’ve all been there; that overwhelming worry about the first date. What to wear, where to go, how much money to spend, what to say… the list goes on. Well, worry not, we’re here to take the pressure off. We’ve got some great ideas for that much anticipated first date so you can concentrate on having fun with your date, and hopefully securing that all important second date!

Bowling – Yes, bowling. It’s fun first and foremost, and because there’s usually loads of other people laughing and joking around you there’s no pressure to fill any awkward silences. The atmosphere will soon get you in to the swing of it too, and you’ll be laughing and messing about in no time, making your date feel at ease. A bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody either.

Walking – we don’t mean round the block and back again, we mean along the river or canal side, or through some botanical gardens or a pretty park or nature reserve. It’s free, relaxed, private, gives plenty of opportunity to get to know the person and it removes the awkward bill splitting debate at the end of the date.

Aquariums or zoos – We really like this one! It’s fun and reminds us of our childhoods, and with zoos especially you normally come across some funny stuff whether it’s a gorilla scratching its nether regions or two lions humping (we’re childish, we know), it’s a laugh and it’s relaxed, so there’s no pressure. If there’s an awkward silence you can suggest moving along to the next enclosure or display, and of course if the date goes well you can purchase a little teddy or keepsake from the gift shop so you can hopefully clinch that next date.

Brunch – Brunch is great, because it’s the day time and casual dress is perfect. Not board shorts and flip flops obviously, but jeans and a tee shirt will be fine; clean shaven and smelling fresh though or it ruins it instantly. Brunch is casual and if the date goes well you’ve got the rest of the day if you feel like it to spend with your date to have more fun and get to know each other better.

Sports events – Now listen here. We’re giving you this idea but there are rules, okay? Don’t take your date to a football match if she detests the sport. Don’t take to a game where her team is playing yours. Don’t take her then ignore her and spent the entire 90 minutes shouting profanities at the ref or other fans. ONLY execute this plan if you’re prepared to follow the rules and do it perfectly. If your date loves ice hockey, then go for that. Don’t ignore that and take her to watch the local swim team. It’s awkward and screams that you don’t listen. Some girls love Formula One (it’s true, we know some!), so suggest going to the pub to watch that, or if it’s not the first few dates, invite her to yours for snacks to watch the race.

Whatever the date, wherever you decide to go, make sure you relax and try your best to have fun. Life is too short to stress over something that should be fun and flirty. If you’re looking for escorts in Luton, our London Escorts can help you and provide the most sumptuous Luton escorts for your pleasure and companionship at competitive prices. Take a look at our website and give us a call when you find your dream girl. We’re ready to provide you with the sexiest Luton escorts

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