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Fashion for a First Date | London Escorts
November 24 , 2015 / in / By Admin

Obviously we want to look good for our date, right guys and girls? Of course we do. We want to make a great impression and leave them wanting more. We want them to want to see us again right? So we need to make sure that we look our best. Sometimes though we can get it all wrong because we’re overthinking things or we’ve gotten the wrong idea about the date. Maybe there was miscommunication or your date is surprising you with where you’ll be going or what you’ll be doing. The best way to avoid any mishaps is to dress casual but also smart, sexy, a little bit glam. That way you will look the part pretty much no matter what you end up doing on the date.

Things to avoid doing though are things like wearing a really low cut top which flashes way too much cleavage for a first date. You want to leave a little mystery, not give everything away right at the start. If you end up doing something like Crazy Golf before going for food, a low cut top is just asking for disaster. The same goes for a really short skirt. It’s best to leave some things to the imagination. For now anyway…

Guys need to remember that jeans speak volumes to girls. The scruffy weekend jeans that have rips in? Fine for Sunday chills, not fine for a date. We want to know that you’ve made an effort. Try crisp indigo jeans that don’t drag on the floor, and for God’s sake whatever you do don’t sag them… You’re not ghetto. It’s not attractive. A nice shirt too goes down well, just don’t team it with a bow tie. We didn’t find Carlton from The Fresh Prince sexy then, and we won’t find him sexy now.

Ladies, a nice fresh pair of skinny jeans and a casual top paired with a blazer or jacket is a win-win outfit. You feel comfortable but sexy, and your date is not worrying about whether you’ll fit in at the bar he’s taking you to. Add a pair of heels for that little bit extra sass if you feel like it. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Don’t worry too much, let the real you shine through.

You never have to worry with our London Escorts about how you look. As long as you’re clean and fresh and smiling our gorgeous London Escorts will treat you like a king. They’re interested in you and they want a good time, so don’t let nerves take over. Our sexy London Escorts are ready when you are, so what are you waiting for? Give our selection of sexy babes a browse and have your dream girl at your door within the hour. Our glam London Escorts are the sexiest in London and the surrounding areas. You won’t be disappointed so get dialling our 24 hour hotline now…


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