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March 4 , 2015 / in / By Admin

London Escorts

You used to think holding hands or kissing someone was a huge and an OMG fact? It’s funny how things as small as this felt so naughty when we were younger and now nothing fazes us, unless it’s taking the bedroom activity to the next level! But it’s not just kissing for the first time or holding hands that made us feel all gooey on the inside when we were young’uns, it was things like:

  • Driving around in his car for the first time, feeling all grown up and superior, especially when he pulls up on the layby… 😉
  • Your childhood sweetheart signing in on MSN Messenger – we all had it and it beat Facebook hands down.
  • Making and receiving mixed tapes that you spent hours recording from the top 100 on Radio 1.
  • Hiding in a cupboard when your crush rang you for a midnight chat so your parents wouldn’t hear you.
  • Going to cinema for the first time and waiting for him to make that smooth move of yawning before releasing his arm around you…and oh, you suddenly felt all excited and a little turned on! 😉
  • Seeing your crush’s bedroom for the first time and picturing your time spent there, and the subtle things that you can leave in their room to mark your territory… we’ve all done it!

We all had our fantasies when we were kids, but they don’t have to stop just because you’ve gotten a bit older. Here at London Escorts, we can make a fantasy become a reality.

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