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March 16 , 2015 / in / By Admin

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Did you ever watch the film, The Wedding Date? It was a classic and still a favourite of mine. Nick Mercer is every girl’s dream guy, so I can only imagine what it must feel like to have him turn up to accompany you as your wedding date and then fall in love with you. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it and it’s not just a chick flick for the ladies either!

Did you ever find it disheartening when you received a wedding invitation in the post for you and a plus 1? Did it put you under pressure to find yourself a date for the wedding to avoid being the Bridget Jones of the wedding party, and turning up with your parents? Of course, if you were to accompany yourself at the wedding, there’s always the hope of meeting “the one”. But did you know that you can hire one of our London escorts as a wedding date? All of our London escorts can adapt themselves to suit any occasion and you can even think of your own secret story of how you both met!

Family weddings are the worst for questions such as “When will you meet someone?” or “Are you ever going to find someone?” You find yourself giving that person the most profound look of leave me alone, or and what? It’s worse when you do finally turn up with someone and some distant relative who you’ve never spoken to in your life says “Your next”! Why family members feel the need to do this, I’ll never know. But still, just pre-warn whichever lucky London escorts girl you choose as your wedding date about awkward questions and it’s always advisable to give them a quick rundown of the guest list. It’s best to avoid as many awkward situations as possible!

 So long gone are the days where singletons had to turn up to a wedding on their own, because our stunning and elegant London escorts are here to accompany you.

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